Outward Appearances

Former Conservative dredged up this little gem, who would like you to know that outward appearances matter:

You may have seen her at Walmart ! She is the one with her cart filled with frozen pizzas, TV dinners, cans of spaghettios, Twinkies and ding dongs.Bottles and bottles of soda and packs of cool aid for the kids. She has dressed herself with a sloppy, over sized t shirt adorned with a picture of a cute bunny rabbit on it ( did I tell you she was past her 50’s?)plaid pj’s bottoms and canary yellow, tweety pie bedroom slippers, topped with a Yankee’s baseball cap and she wasn’t ashamed to go out like that?!
Wouldn’t you think she would qualify as a silly woman?

Did she think that no one would see her? If she had the choice of a plain t shirt or one with a baby bunny on it, why did she choose the juvenile one if she had any dignity in there at all, or common sense?
There is a time when we must grow up and put away childish things. We should at least look somewhat intelligent or we will lose our ability to influence anyone at all, towards seeking God, if they haven’t already found Him.

FC gives the post a good fisking. I’ll note, though, that Gerie’s inability to even space properly between sentences looks atrocious. Before reading her insightful post, I would have just assumed that she was lazy. Now, though, having been alerted to the fundamental importance of outward appearances in Christianity, I have to call her out for inhibiting the spread of the Gospel. After all, it looks pretty silly!


About Dhouda

"And what shall I say, fragile vessel that I am? I shall turn to others as a friend." Dhouda's Manual, AD 841
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