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"And what shall I say, fragile vessel that I am? I shall turn to others as a friend." Dhouda's Manual, AD 841

An even darker level of moral depravity

Digby writes: I have written quite a bit about the Cameron Todd Willingham horror, mostly because the idea of executing an innocent man is so horrifying. I’m hardcore anti-death penalty in any case, but this one is particularly awful because … Continue reading

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Outward Appearances

Former Conservative dredged up this little gem, who would like you to know that outward appearances matter: LOOK! You may have seen her at Walmart ! She is the one with her cart filled with frozen pizzas, TV dinners, cans … Continue reading

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On Symbolism, for real

I read this today and thought, “wow, how awesome that would be!” And, here it is! In law, if not yet in practice for another 30 days. Is it sad that while my first reaction was happiness for the committed … Continue reading

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Happy Things

Thursday: new book, ice cream. Yesterday: fireflies. Today: sunshine, peonies. Nothing to complain about here.

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Saturday Linkdump

The top of my browser window is all tabs of things I intended to write about.  Clearly, I’m not going to get to it, so I’m just going to list them all here.  Hopefully, this will mean that I can … Continue reading

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The Saturday Evening Blog Post

Head over here to read a much better selection of writing than mine.  It’s good stuff!

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Thought This Was Pretty

I’ve had this open in a tab on my computer for days.  It makes me want to print it out, poke a hole in the middle, and spin it like a pinwheel. Also appreciated: the Biblical use of the word … Continue reading

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